Top 10 Reasons To Smile

You sit nervously at your desk while your teacher gives back graded tests.  You studied all week.  You stayed up late.  You skipped date night.  You receive your test, quickly skim to the bottom, and see a crazy red symbol: A.  You breathe a sigh of relief, and finally let an ear-to-ear smile take over your face.

We’re accustomed to smiling after receiving after receiving positive news, hearing a great joke, or seeing our friends.  However, when you step back, you realize there are many smaller moments (that are less profound) that deserve a smile as well, as they happen much more frequently.  There are also functions under the skin surface that you never see, but can definitely feel.  Case in point: spend as much time smiling as possible (without being weird about it).

Here are our Top 10 Reasons to Smile:

1 – It’s healthy.  Smiling reduces stress and anxiety.  It can also help you through a tough workout.  In a mirror, it reminds you to be positive.
2 – It’s timeless.  The muscles you use when smiling make you look younger.  Another real benefit is living up to seven years longer.  This never goes out of style.
3 – It’s contagious.  When you smile more, people around smile more.  Complete strangers begin to smile.  It’s a positive chain-reaction.
4 – It’s productive.  You work harder when “you whistle while you work.”  Smiling breaks down negative barriers and adds important energy to tasks.  You feel like moving quickly.
5 – It’s part of the job.  Both interviewers and current co-workers will take notice.  They want to be around someone that is confident and likeable.  Smile in the office and out on the road meeting clients.
6 – It builds trust.  Notice your most trusted allies (family, friends, mentors) all smile when you’re around them.  People are most comfortable with those that are genuine and transparent.
7 – It makes you feel good.  Smiling triggers a response in your brain and releases endorphins.  This also works when you’re feeling unhappy and want to be in a better mood.
8 – It builds common ground.  This breaks embarrassment because we’re all in the same boat, and have “been there” before.  This ground is ripe for growing bonds.
9 – It’s right before laughter.  When you smile more, you laugh more as well.  This means a better time with friends, enjoying that classic comedy, and sleeping better at night.  You can grease the wheels with a smile.
10 – It makes you sexy.  In every survey, people find those who are smiling more attractive versus not smiling at all.  That person you want to ask out on a date will notice.  Show them you’re excited about this opportunity.

When you finish reading this piece, remember to SMILE!  🙂


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